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Online & In-Person 
Personal Stylist & Shopper in London,
Essex, and Worldwide

Client review for personal styling services London

Empowering women to style their
curves with confidence 

Are you stuck in a style rut and don't know what to wear?

Working with a qualified stylist will help save you time and money. 
I will help you build a wardrobe of effortless outfits, so getting ready daily will never be a stressful task 

  • Build a cohesive wardrobe of clothes that work hard for your everyday lifestyle

  • Create  practical and easy to wear outfits with key pieces that are versatile and timeless


  • Rediscover your style personality to step in to the best version of you

  • Learn what suits your unique shape and style yourself with confidence

  • Look good and Feel good everyday 

  • Discover the  best colours that suit your skin tone and features

woman sitting down in a dress and boots

Book a free 20 minute style call
to learn more


Our bespoke personal styling services will help you to rediscover your unique style, dress stylishly with confidence and step into being the best version of you.


Luxury wardrobe space, personal stylist London

Do you ever look at your wardrobe and say 'I have nothing to wear'?  Are you frustrated and overwhelmed by your big wardrobe? 

Image by Aleks Marinkovic

Are you stuck in a style rut? Have lost your sense of style? or are you simply looking for a new look, then this is the service for you.

Image by Arnel Hasanovic

Are you in need of a style update? Do you need a outfit for a special occasion or a new holiday wardrobe? The online personal styling service is available internationally to ladies of  all ages, shapes and sizes.

Gray Blazer

This is a complete style transformation package that includes Colour analysis, Wardrobe edit, and Personal shopping experience. It is the perfect gift of style!

Urban Photoshoot

 Have you lost your sense of style? Do you hate shopping?  or are you simply looking for a new look, then this is the perfect service for you.

Portrait of Blonde Woman

Understanding what colours harmonize with your features is a fundamental part of elevating your personal style. Your best colours will make you look healthier, happier and give you a beautiful glow


What my clients say about my work....

I recently used Jas to style me and I cannot recommend her enough! I don’t think I’d bought more than 5 items of clothes in the last year - well what was the point?!?! But I was fed up with opening my wardrobe to the same clothes again and again!  So...I booked Jas for an online digital styling. She sent me her questionnaire which took me about 20 minutes to complete. I also sent her some photos.  She then sent me back a full styling respite, including my colours and style inspiration, loads of suggestions for tops, trousers, trainers etc, and also 8 full outfits. All the items linked straight out to the shops so it was SUPER easy to buy everything. I also had a great dialogue with Jas and she helped me pick out a few different bits too and advised me on sizes etc.  Last Saturday I spent a few hours ordering and this week it has all arrived! I love my new wardrobe and feel so good having different things to wear! Most things were in my comfort zone (which I asked for as then I’ll wear them!)  Thank you, Jas! I’ll do this again for the summer.


Deborah Birrel

  • Do you work with people of different body shapes?
    Of course, I work with women and men of all different body shapes and sizes. Style has no size. So, I believe whatever shape you are, you can look amazing. I also work with petite, tall, and plus size body shapes. When you work with me I will help you discover new brands that specialize in clothes for lots of different shapes.
  • What age range of people do you work with?
    I have worked with many people with ages ranging from teenagers from 19 years old to 72 years old. I love helping men and women of all age groups to look and feel great.
  • Which locations do you offer personal shopping?
    My personal shopper service covers areas Lakeside shopping centre, Bluewater shopping centre. West Field Stratford, West field White city, Selfridges in London or Harrods in Knightsbrige. I work with all style budgets so, when it comes to personal shopping I will suggest a suitable location that is close to my clients area/location.
  • How long is a wardrobe detox and personal shopping session ?
    Both a wardrobe detox and personal shopping session is a minum of three hours. If we have a very large wardrobe to edit or a big personal shop then this can take 6 hours which will be a whole day booking.
  • Will you style me in things that are simialar to your style?
    No, every client's style is unqiue. After my clients fill out an in depth questionnaire and style personality quiz then I plan their shopping session at all the shops that fit in line with my clients style personality.


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